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Ghika Gallery
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The Ghika Gallery is a unique attraction, showcasing an impressive collection of intellectual and artistic works. The permanent exhibition was organised by Gika himself and comprises works representing all aspects of his creative activity. Temporary thematic displays of Hadjikyriakos-Ghika’s oeuvre are held in the gallery to show items not included in the permanent exhibition, such as drawings, small-scale sculptures, and works inspired by ancient Greek art.

The museum represents the first ever attempt in Greece to create an imprint of the overall intellectual output, underscoring the internal dialectic relationships between different forms of expression of the human spirit. Artistic creations (painting, sculpture, engravings, music, theatre, cinema, photography) encounter architecture, the art of the word (literature, poetry, philology, criticism), but also historical and philosophical thought. Through works of art, manuscripts, publications, photographs and personal artefacts belonging to two-hundred-and-one artists and intellectuals, visitors can partake of an exciting journey through the world of ideas in Greece in the twentieth century.

The materials on display are an eloquent record of the concerns, the anxieties, and the achievements of creative Greeks, highlighting the relationships that existed between them, and especially their ongoing debate with corresponding concerns that existed in the rest of Europe. This final aspect is crucial, given that during this period in particular, the focal presence of the Thirties Generation, established a need for a constant flow of intellectual ideas between Greece and the rest of Europe.
  • Visit the house of the famous Greek artist Nikos Hadjikyriakos-Ghika
  • Learn about the intellectual and artistic output of Greece during the Interwar Years
  • Explore the urban drawing room with work from French painters
  • Includes paintings, drawings, sculptures, set designs, manuscripts and more
  • Visit the Library with more than 7,000 volumes mainly on Art History
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